E-Yantra MEDO

E-Yantra MEDO is a software for the design / analysis of 28 machine elements including fatigue life estimation. This is a user-friendly software and provides IGES / DXF / STEP file format which can be exported to any CAD software.

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E-Yantra Gear

E-Yantra Gear is comprehensive software that covers design / analysis of all types of gears, gear boxes  (reduction, incremental, multistage, planetary and differential) gear correction, gear measurement, shaft design and bearing selection. This software can verify the gear design as per AGMA / DIN / IS standards.

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E-Yantra Bridge

E-Yantra Bridge software solution is available for determination of residual life of steel girder railway bridges.

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E-Yantra Composite

E-Yantra Composite software consists of synthesis / analyzer material database and its own stress analysis packages. It has a special feature prediction of fatigue / fracture properties of composite assembly and materials with advanced algorithms.

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E-Yantra Crane

E-Yantra Crane software enables complete design of EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes (Single or Multi Girders) with magnet or grab bucket designs. The design solution provided with General Assembly (GA) and cost estimation chart. It includes standard catalogs of motor, gear box, wire rope, brakes, gear clutches etc.

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