Software solution is available for determination of residual life of steel girder railway bridges.

It has been noticed that many failures of railway and road bridges occur due to fatigue phenomenon especially at the welded and bolted joints.

E-Yantra Bridge Module of the E-Yantra Fatigue Software Package has been developed for Fatigue Analysis of Railway and Road Bridges as per BS 5400: Part 10.

E-Yantra Bridge Module can be employed for Fatigue life assessment of Concrete as well as Steel Bridges. Fatigue life of bolted joints, weld details and splice connections of steel bridge can be easily estimated by using this module.

In addition to the standard load cases covered in the BS code, provisions have been made in the software module to handle non-standard or user specified load conditions in accordance with Clause 9.3 of the BS code. For this purpose, interfaces are provided to import stress output from standard commercial stress analysis software packages and then fatigue calculations are performed within the E-Yantra Bridge Module.

It is envisaged that the E-Yantra Bridge Module will be extremely useful to Bridge Engineers, Statutory bodies dealing with Bridge Safety and Maintenance as well as Universities offering higher education in the field of fatigue.