E-Yantra Composite

Software for design and analysis of composite materials & structures and for prediction of fatigue behavior.

Polymer matrix composites are finding increasing uses world over in high technology as well as day-to-day applications because of their potential properties. But the potential properties can be achieved only by proper analysis and design of composite materials / structures.

E-Yantra Composite is a unique and efficient software which gives solutions for fatigue of composites. It  consists of following modules:

* Composite analyzer
* Composite data resource
* Composite fatigue

E-Yantra Composite is compatible with commercially available finite element analysis software packages. The stress-life approach provides residual stiffness, residual strength, failure index and remaining life for different composite materials / structures whereas the fracture mechanics approach provides details about transverse crack initiation and formation of additional cracks, crack density, crack saturation state, delamination initiation and propagation at the crack tips and residual stiffness and remaining life.

E-Yantra Composite covers structural assemblies, temperature effect, environmental effect and effect of composite laminate configuration in addition to different structural elements. Vibration induced fatigue damage can also be evaluated using E-Yantra Composite

E-Yantra Composite software product is useful to different industries, R&D Laboratories and academic institutions as well as to the students working on fatigue engineering and needing fatigue engineering solutions.

Different loading conditions such as uniaxial, general inplane, transverse, block and random can be analyzed using E-Yantra Composite.