E-Yantra Crane

Software for design /analysis of mechanical elements and structure of Crane, also for determination of fatigue life of these items.

Design of cranes, generally, is a time consuming job. Modifying a design once done is again a tedious job. E-Yantra Crane is a software package that makes this job quick and easy.

At the start one has to input parameters like load to be lifted, spans, velocities duty etc and select materials required, then the design of a complete crane system is ready in a short span of time, practically in a few minutes. The designs are based on Indian standards for steel plants and other cranes.

E-Yantra Crane also has a provision for providing drawings of all components as well as assemblies and structures. E-Yantra Crane, Version 1.0 deals with design of EOT cranes. Following components of a crane system can be designed using E-Yantra Crane.

* Wire Rope
* Rope Drum
* Hook
* Longitudinal traveling system
* Cross traveling system
* Hoisting system
* Brakes
* Motor
* Gear coupling
* Gear boxes
* Crane structures (Bridge, trolley, end carriage etc)
* Estimation of weights and cost.