E-Yantra Gear

Software for design & analysis and correction of gears, gear boxes (all types)

E-Yantra Gear is a software for design and optimization of gears.
E-Yantra Gear includes design (as per IS / AGMA / DIN standard) and analysis of following gear types:

* Spur Gear
* Helical Gear
* Bevel Gear
* Worm Gear

In addition, E-Yantra Gear includes other modules as given below:

* Gear Correction (as per IS / DIN / BIS standard)
* Gear Measurement (MOT / Base Tangent / Chordal Measurement)
* Magnification / Reduction Gear Box Design for Spur & Helical Gear (as per IS / DIN / BIS standard).
* Differential gear box
* Epicyclic gear box (Simple & Compound)
* Gear Tolerances

E-Yantra Gear module can develop two dimensional sketches in the form of IGES and DXF formats which can be transferred to any standard modeling software such as AutoCAD or any other CAD software.