About Us

FEAST Stands for

Fatigue Engineering Analysis and Simulation Tools

FEAST Software Pvt. Ltd. is India's first company to develop Mechanical Design Software for Academia and Industry. Formed in 2005 as special project from SINE (Society for Innovation Entrepreneurship) and IIT-Bombay, FEAST Software was created and developed by a team of graduate and post-grad intellectuals. The result is a suite of software tailored for online design solutions and analysis, material handling equipment, e-learning and more.



We strive to provide an interactive, online design environment that fosters communication, increase of knowledge and benefit all aspects of the engineering industry.



To advance the engineering sciences by providing online tools and resources that empower designers and the companies that rely on design expertise.

The Dream Team

Team work builds trust and trust builds growth
Naishadh Paleja
Founder Director

Founder at FEAST Software Pvt. Ltd. (enggonline.com)-Edtech company running a SaaS-based platform for the Engineering and Skill domain using Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) to create experiential content. He is an alumnus of SIMSR (Somaiya Institute), holding a Master's in Management from Mumbai University, and a Civil Engineering degree from V.J.T.I, Mumbai. With a strategic vision honed over 20 years, including a pivotal role as Group CEO at IDFC Capital.

Nitin Bhatt

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering having 40 years of successful marketing, strong communication and astute business operator having sold critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze solutions and statements and determine their validity. Able to lead teams and accomplish their objectives. Able to look beyond the data and pick up trends which leads to successful marketing efforts.

Ghanashyam Warke
VP-Business Development

Ghanashyam Warke has over 15 years of experience in sales and business development, spanning both the government and private sectors. He excels in leveraging cloud technology, Augmented Reality(AR), and Virtual Reality(VR) to help businesses reach their goals. He holds a Master's degree in business from Amity Business School, Noida, and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University.

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Sunil Dodke
Team Lead - Technical

He is currently the Team Lead – Design and has played an important role in the company's design development, QA, pre and post sales. A GATE Scholar and post graduate from SGGSIE&T, Nanded. His specialized in Mechanical (CAD/CAM) and knows languages like C++, C#. He has experience in the field of machine element design, CAD/CAM ,FEM and software development over many years.

Rajnish Kurundkar
VP - Projects

Rajnish understands the company's objectives and oversees the project delivery and progress. He strongly believes in building a values-driven, ethical company which thrives on technology advancements to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Passionate about developing trustworthy relationships with clients and submit worthwhile initiatives. He is an engineering graduate from Pune University and holds a Master's degree in mechanical CAD/CAM technology.