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Specialized Engineering Content at your fingertips!

EnggOnline is a resilient portal that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to deliver an exclusive and interactive learning environment. It offers a structured, guided learning pathway using course content for enhancing basic concepts, exam scores, and industry readiness.

This comprehensive engineering platform allows your company to achieve the best design solutions in a virtual environment, saving time and money while reducing safety and legal risks. And since it's an online platform, it will help your business to determine the skill level of potential employee, no matter how remote they are. Industrial training bridge the gap between academic and industry for freshers, the solution is design step by step. The content explanation is done through video animation.

EnggOnline Features:

It supports a collaborative environment among Students, Instructors and Industry
AR/VR based assets which can be used by tutors & students for daily teaching & learning respectively.
Course content mapped to NEAT-AICTE model curriculum and major universities in India.
Offers scalability and versatility of adding content like e-Books, 2D/3D Animations and Quiz.
Useful in all modes- Classroom Teaching, Self Paced Learning, Blended Learning.

Area of experties

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics Engineering